Infused Gifts: The 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Today we will talk about the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and their importance for the journey of the Catholic Christian who wants to live holiness.

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit are divided into 2 groups:

Infused Gifts and Effusive Gifts.

What differentiates these two groups is how we receive these gifts and the purpose for which they are used.

The Infused Gifts we receive in baptism and are used for our sanctification, while the Infused Gifts, we receive in a moment of effusion and are gifts used for the sanctification of God's people.

We're still going to delve a lot into Effusive Gifts, but today in particular we're going to talk about INFUSION Gifts. That is, the gifts we received from God on the day of our baptism.

Unlike effusive gifts (which we need to ask God for, such as the gift of tongues, prophecy, etc.) infused gifts you have since baptism. So all the gifts that I'm going to present here you already have and you can put into practice.

However, many times we spend a lot of time away from God, without exercising these gifts we end up atrophying these gifts in us in a way that it seems that these gifts are dead.

But they really aren't and you can start using them today.

Not only can you, but you must and must use them, for the gifts of the Holy Spirit are "Helpers of Grace". We should think of the gifts of the Holy Spirit as grease that is going to be put on a stuck gate.

You know when you have to open it and it just won't budge. Sometimes trying to walk without exercising these gifts is like trying to open that gate, sometimes it's impossible. But when you put grease on that gate it opens without any difficulties.

Assisi are the Gifts of the Holy Spirit - A Helper of Grace.

Why does God freely give us these gifts?

Because of original sin. We are born with the stain of original sin and with an evil inclination that is the result of that same sin. To counterbalance God breaks the stain of this sin in our baptism by infusing (infused) us with His Gifts which act as a predisposition to holiness.


1st - Gift of Science

This gift allows man to penetrate the reality of the world and see everything in the light of God.

2nd - Gift of Understanding or Intelligence

It allows man to know the depths of the truths revealed by God and to have an intuition of their deepest meaning.

  •  Holy Trinity.
  •  The love of God.
  •  Transubstantiation.

3rd - Gift of Wisdom

The word wisdom comes from the Greek “sapere” which means “to have taste”. This gift is the flavor of Christian knowledge.

4th - Gift of the Council.

The gift of counsel allows a Christian to make timely decisions without insecurity. It is the gift of divine and providential inspiration in the right way to act at the right time.

5th - Gift of Piety

The gift of piety guides our relationships with God and with others. It is the gift of filial adoption. For we come to see God as our Father and our neighbor as our brother.

6th - Gift of the Fortress

“The kingdom of heaven suffers violence from those who want to enter it, and violent people take it” (Mt 11:12).

Ability to stand firm in the walk, even in the face of tribulation.

7th - Gift of the fear of God.

The fear of God is not necessarily about being afraid of God (or being punished by God) but rather the fear of losing friendship with God.

It is necessary that we ask God daily to strengthen these Gifts in us, so that we can conquer heaven. We'll even do that today. Let's tear the sky today and ask God for the grace to renew in us our baptism and renew the 7 Gifts!

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